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The Multi-Unit Building Paradigm

Friday Sep 27th, 2019


The Multi-Unit Building Paradigm

Brent King, Broker of Record at RORE™


The ebb and flow of population movement is quite apparent in Ontario these days. Our youth are swept away to big cities for a promise of better jobs or higher education and retirement aged couples are drawn in like never before. The peaceful nature and lower stress way of life is attracting a specific type of demographic to South Niagara, the senior. These new residents are putting strong demand into an undersupplied housing type. A carefree retirement lifestyle means ‘low-to-no’ maintenance and that typically translates to smaller properties, and more specifically multi-unit residential buildings. These units are often bought for ease of ownership as they allow for a snowbird lifestyle. There are however, people who resist and believe that multi-unit buildings are tarnishing the image of ‘small town charm’ that they and many others bought into when they arrived. To those people I would say “you can’t be the last person to move into town” and that you should embrace this new trend and remember that we will all be seniors looking for a simpler life at some point.

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