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The Evaluation of the Signature in Real Estate

Friday Sep 13th, 2019


The Evolution of the Signature in Real Estate
Brent King, Broker of Record at RORE™

The essence of what the signature represents hasn’t changed but the method of delivery has changed substantially. Gone are the days of needing face to face hand signed purchase and sale agreements. They have been almost entirely replaced with taps on smart phones and tablets. The digital age is upon us and the signature is not immune. For hundreds of years the need for original signatures meant buyers and sellers in the real estate market had to come together, or at the very least meet with their agents. Today with the power of the internet and advanced security algorithms electric signatures allow buyers and sellers to not only avoid meeting each other but they don’t even need to meet their own real estate representatives. For the sake of convenience, the personal touch in getting together to sign real estate agreements is gone. I truly hope that this trend doesn’t eliminate the need for a human touch in Real Estate and that face to face and pen to paper is not lost forever.

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